Monday, August 11, 2008


Task 1: Collecting all the pieces.

  • Under the supervision of your Editor-in-Chief, assemble all the pieces of your newspaper project. There is a checklist below to help you.

  • Remember: The Editor-in-Chief must approve that the newspaper is ready for publishing.

  • Print out all the pieces of your newspaper and assemble them into a finished piece.

  • Show them to Mr. Matthew for final approval.

  • Task 2: To the newspaper stand!

  • All of your class’s newspapers have been assembled and are waiting to be read.

  • At your own pace, read the other groups’ newspapers and take notes in your History Journal.

  • Record information for your empire NOT found in your newspaper.

  • Record the five W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why) for the articles in the empire newspaper you did not study. (E.g. Islamic Empire records 5 W’s for the Byzantine Empire; Byzantine Empire records 5 W’s for the Islamic Empire.)
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