Monday, August 11, 2008


Task 1: Take a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Before we begin, let’s have a look at look at some artifacts from each of these empires. Then you will have a better idea of which empire you would like to study.

  • Find a partner.

  • Visit each of these locations.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Byzantine Empire

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Islamic site

  • With your partner, choose two artifacts from each empire.

  • Describe the artifact. Record your answers in your History Journal.

  • What does it look like? (Color, shape, size, texture.)

  • What do you think it was used for? Where would it be placed? What can it tell you about the empire?

  • Remember the work we did with ancient artifacts from Mesopotamia and Egypt. You will use the same skills here.

Task 2: Reading

  • Find a different partner.

  • Complete a popcorn reading for each of the short texts I have provided you. These are from our Longman History text.

  • For each text write down in your History Journal:

  1. One interesting fact.

  2. One question you have.

Task 3: Choosing your empire. (This one you have to do by yourself.)

Now that you’ve had a chance to preview these two Great Empires you can choose one to research.

  • Go to the survey website and answer the questions.

  • Answer these questions by yourself. (Don’t worry about what your friend is choosing.)

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