Monday, August 11, 2008


Empire Journalists Needed!

Mr. Michael needs the Global Studies team to travel back in time to report on some of the Great Empires of the world. One of the reasons these empires were so great is that they made lasting changes in the world, almost like gifts to civilization. We call these things contributions. One way they were able to change the world is through sharing ideas, products, and other aspects of culture with many different people. We call this cultural diffusion. For example, did you know that Italians eat pasta because Marco Polo brought it back with him from China?

Your Mission
You and your newspaper team must travel back in time and learn all about either the Byzantine Empire or the Islamic Empire. Your team of journalists then will write and publish a newspaper with all the information that you have gathered on your trip, and share it with all the other teams.

To help you out, being the fantastic teacher I am, I have broken down the assignment for you all . . .

Part I: Research

  • Research the different events, people, and contributions that are most important to your empire.

Part II: Article Writing

  • Use the information that you have gathered to write a rough draft of your article.

  • Decide on an illustration to include with your article.

  • Revise your article to make it the best example of your writing.

  • Publish the final draft of your article.

Part III: Publication

  • Combine all your articles into the different sections of your newspaper.

  • Include maps.

  • Include crossword with essential vocabulary.

  • Share your newspaper with the other teams.

  • Learn about what the other teams have reported about their empires.

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