Monday, August 11, 2008


Task1: Conflict

  • Watch the interactive map below.

  • Do you see the Byzantine and Islamic Empires on the map?

  • After viewing the map and conducting your research, what kind of conflicts do you think these two empires might have had?

  • Record your answers in your History Journal.

    Task 2: Preparing to write.

    After all the fantastic research you conducted yesterday, you and your group are ready to begin planning your articles.

  • Click HERE to print out the article planning sheets below.

    Use the information you found in your research and the planning sheets to prepare your article.

    If you have difficulty, ask your group members for help.

    Remember: Mr. Matthew will answer questions only after you ask your group members first, and then only from the Editor-in-Chief.

Task 3: Writing your articles.

    Now it's show time! You've done your research. You've planned your articles. Now it's time to write your articles.

    Open the word processing program that you like better, either Word or Pages.Write your article.

    Remember to be professional: use only Times New Roman, Arial, or Georgia fonts; 12 pt.

    Save your file as "YourNameGroup#ClassLetter." AND SAVE OFTEN!

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