Monday, August 11, 2008


Task 1: Proofreading.

  • Print your articles.

  • Exchange with someone else in your group.

  • No one should have his or her own paper.

  • Proofread the article using the proofreading marks you learned in English class with Ms. C.

  • Show it to the production manager for his or her approval.

  • Edit your article and save.

Task 2: Historic Photo Hunt.

  • Now that you’ve got your articles written, it’s time to find some illustrations to go with them.

  • Using GoogleImages, find a suitable illustration for your article.

  • Remember, you must have a good reason for choosing that particular image.


  • When you find the image that you want, explain to your Photo Editor why you chose that particular image. The Photo Editor will record your reason in Mr. Matthew’s Illustration Log.

  • Copy and paste the image into your article and write a caption.

  • Remember: the caption needs to explain the image and why it is in your article.

Task3: Final Touches.

  • Download a printable map and mark down the borders of your empire.

  • Go to PuzzleMaker and create a crossword puzzle using vocabulary that is specific to understanding your empire.


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