Monday, August 11, 2008


Read this document on Scribd: CTGE59100EmpireRubric


Task 1: Collecting all the pieces.

  • Under the supervision of your Editor-in-Chief, assemble all the pieces of your newspaper project. There is a checklist below to help you.

  • Remember: The Editor-in-Chief must approve that the newspaper is ready for publishing.

  • Print out all the pieces of your newspaper and assemble them into a finished piece.

  • Show them to Mr. Matthew for final approval.

  • Task 2: To the newspaper stand!

  • All of your class’s newspapers have been assembled and are waiting to be read.

  • At your own pace, read the other groups’ newspapers and take notes in your History Journal.

  • Record information for your empire NOT found in your newspaper.

  • Record the five W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why) for the articles in the empire newspaper you did not study. (E.g. Islamic Empire records 5 W’s for the Byzantine Empire; Byzantine Empire records 5 W’s for the Islamic Empire.)

    Task 1: Proofreading.

    • Print your articles.

    • Exchange with someone else in your group.

    • No one should have his or her own paper.

    • Proofread the article using the proofreading marks you learned in English class with Ms. C.

    • Show it to the production manager for his or her approval.

    • Edit your article and save.

    Task 2: Historic Photo Hunt.

    • Now that you’ve got your articles written, it’s time to find some illustrations to go with them.

    • Using GoogleImages, find a suitable illustration for your article.

    • Remember, you must have a good reason for choosing that particular image.


    • When you find the image that you want, explain to your Photo Editor why you chose that particular image. The Photo Editor will record your reason in Mr. Matthew’s Illustration Log.

    • Copy and paste the image into your article and write a caption.

    • Remember: the caption needs to explain the image and why it is in your article.

    Task3: Final Touches.

    • Download a printable map and mark down the borders of your empire.

    • Go to PuzzleMaker and create a crossword puzzle using vocabulary that is specific to understanding your empire.



    Task1: Conflict

    • Watch the interactive map below.

    • Do you see the Byzantine and Islamic Empires on the map?

    • After viewing the map and conducting your research, what kind of conflicts do you think these two empires might have had?

    • Record your answers in your History Journal.

      Task 2: Preparing to write.

      After all the fantastic research you conducted yesterday, you and your group are ready to begin planning your articles.

    • Click HERE to print out the article planning sheets below.

      Use the information you found in your research and the planning sheets to prepare your article.

      If you have difficulty, ask your group members for help.

      Remember: Mr. Matthew will answer questions only after you ask your group members first, and then only from the Editor-in-Chief.

    Task 3: Writing your articles.

      Now it's show time! You've done your research. You've planned your articles. Now it's time to write your articles.

      Open the word processing program that you like better, either Word or Pages.Write your article.

      Remember to be professional: use only Times New Roman, Arial, or Georgia fonts; 12 pt.

      Save your file as "YourNameGroup#ClassLetter." AND SAVE OFTEN!


    Task 1: Let the research begin . . .

    Graphic Organizers

    Read this document on Scribd: CTGE59100EmpireNotetakingOrganizer


    Alright, young historians. Let the research begin . . .

    Task 1: Video Visits.

    You all have been divided into groups according to your choices. I want you to:

    • Visit the YouTube video about your empire.

    • By yourself: What impressed you most about this empire?

    • With your group: What would it have been like to be a visitor to this empire? How would you feel?

    • Discuss these questions with your group. Be prepared to share with the class.

    Byzantine Video
    Islamic Empire Video

    Task 2: Role Time.

    Just like every other newspaper, from the New York Times to the New York Post, each group member will have a different job.

    • Read the descriptions of jobs Mr. Matthew has passed out.

    • Think about what your strengths are.

    • Discuss with your group who will take what job.

    • Record the job assignments in the sign-up sheet that Mr. Matthew is carrying.

    Task 3: Department Assignments.

    Next, each of you is responsible for writing one article on a particular topic. With your group:

    • View the article menu below.

    • Decide who will cover what department assignment.

    • Record these department assignments in the second sign-up sheet that Mr. Matthew is carrying.

    1. Important Events 2. Art and Architecture 3. Science and Technology 4. Famous People

    Read this document on Scribd: CTGE59100EmpireProjectMenu


    Task 1: Take a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Before we begin, let’s have a look at look at some artifacts from each of these empires. Then you will have a better idea of which empire you would like to study.

    • Find a partner.

    • Visit each of these locations.

    Metropolitan Museum of Art: Byzantine Empire

    Metropolitan Museum of Art: Islamic site

    • With your partner, choose two artifacts from each empire.

    • Describe the artifact. Record your answers in your History Journal.

    • What does it look like? (Color, shape, size, texture.)

    • What do you think it was used for? Where would it be placed? What can it tell you about the empire?

    • Remember the work we did with ancient artifacts from Mesopotamia and Egypt. You will use the same skills here.

    Task 2: Reading

    • Find a different partner.

    • Complete a popcorn reading for each of the short texts I have provided you. These are from our Longman History text.

    • For each text write down in your History Journal:

    1. One interesting fact.

    2. One question you have.

    Task 3: Choosing your empire. (This one you have to do by yourself.)

    Now that you’ve had a chance to preview these two Great Empires you can choose one to research.

    • Go to the survey website and answer the questions.

    • Answer these questions by yourself. (Don’t worry about what your friend is choosing.)